Are in that any masturbation support groups to help out motivate to carry us stop doing it (online)?

Please don't give me your opinion about masturbation because most of them are over rate.

If you know any online support group please send the association and get your best answer. Thanks.

lol 4 go, Gypsie just doesn't work out since she's a female. Masturbation can be importantly addictive and can lead to a Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. It's not approaching trying to break a drug addiction, it's a lot more difficult since this is a unconscious physical function of the body. I checked the internet for online counsulors but they all lead to either buying a book or signing up for personal or online sessions that cost money. However in that are support groups on line if you only search for them surrounded by Google. I don't know if they'll work but it's worth a try. I can tel you from having much experience, that going cold turkey isn't going to work tremendously well. It only just builds up in you until it become unbearable and it requirements relief. Have you tried masturbating short looking at any visual aids? It's the ocular aids that get you hooked so discouraging. It's a form of "classical conditioning". You might want to read u p on that subject too. Check, "Pavolovs Dog" for an example.
I can't understand why you only just don't's not that addictive. Just get a girlfriend/Boyfriend instead.
lol why stop its a unconscious thing approaching come on lol!

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