Anybody living beside Chronic Pain, and how do you business next to it?

I'm 14, and have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome/Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (it's a neurological condition), what can I do at home (my doctors haven't be much help lately) to give a hand with the dull pain?

I have fybromyalgia and am contained by pain most of the time.My doctor give me medicine and it ease it a little but I enjoy learned to live next to it.I am so sorry to hear of your Illness at such a young age.Maybe you should find another doctor if your present doctor isn't helping you.
Self medicate beside the sticky-icky
yes and I take it time by day=there really isn't anything we can do about it ,so one learn to live with it
I dont know anything roughly your condition, but you mention is has something to do beside your nerves and I know theres a drug that works very very well for nerve distress and its not a narcotic, its called Lyrica. But I assume if it would have worked, they would enjoy probably tried it on you.
i had my gone leg amputated a few years ago and my stump is always hurting. i enjoy taught myself that when it hurts i have a sneaking suspicion that about things that trademark me happy. i reason about when i use to play picnic basket bell and walk contained by the park. i know pain is material but i found out that if you can convince your mind that you are not going to let the stomach-ache run your life you will vanquish it. i know it is hard to believe but i hold worked at it along time. i pray every night that i will rouse up and have a well-mannered day. it is call mind over matter it take a while to learn how to do it but it is possible. i am sorry that you own to deal next to this at such a young age. god bless you and be beside you always.
I be diagnosed with fibromyalgia 2 years ago, approaching you I went to masses doctors and all I would capture was a prescription of pills for my pain. I couldn't turn to school and I loss the proficiency to drive. Everything changed when a doctor suggested physical therapy, it have helped relieve profusely of my of my pain.

But a year ago my doctor told me one of the best cures for torment is a positive attitude. It took me a long time to learn that lesson. Instead I feel sorry for myself and that got me no where on earth. I have adopt a positive life and it have helped me greatly. I am happier and torment free (most of the time).

A book I read which I would recommend to you is "You can heal your vivacity; by Louise Hays. This book along with physical psychoanalysis has save my life.
I am 28. I hold 2 children 5 & 3. I have be diagnosed with cancer, but until it is delt beside I suffer eveyday with chronic dull pain. There are three things I can suggest to you.probaly not the answers you are looking for. The first is you can go and take counciling, not fun, but it works better then you contemplate. Second you can go bother your docter until he/she can't stand it anymore and they will gain you what you need. Three is my personal first choice and works the best for me which is mind over matter. maintain yoursself going because in this world sometimes it's adjectives you can do. Keep busy, and pretend your life is great. Eventually you will see how great your go truly is and you will make your mind forget nearly the pain. It's how I carry through my days and maybe it will assistance you get through yours. Also, if you give attention to it's all bull I can vouch for my father who should be ddead right very soon, but he was determind to servive and presently he's doing great. If you give up your mind will dispense up on you. Best of luck and hope you feel better soon.
I'm 14 and I hold problems with my knees that I think I involve to get surgery on. I newly try and be careful near what I do, especially when I play sports

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