44woman,husband56,is it upright time to own child?

For me at this age,i really dont want,but he thinks child will bring him welfare,what should i do?

Tell him that you are no longer fertile enough and cannot take a baby to residence with out severe consequences for yourself and any potential kid.
I would go to your Doctor first to see if you are natural enough to own a child, then the first sound out I would ask, is are you ready to hold a child at your age?!
see dear this is not a good time for child as at ur age u are week and ur bones too and giving birth can create harm to u or ur child or both or may not also.
if u didn't hold any child then u can travel for it.
Tough question given the controlled information. Your 44. He's 56. He wants a child. You don't. The solitary thing we own to go on is the certainty that he thinks a child will bring him great pleasure. This is true. A child can bring alot of joy into peoples vivacity. However, if your husband is currently unhappy and he think a child will cure his unhappiness, he's wrong. This would be a disaster. If your husband is sad because of the marriage, have a child would be an even bigger disaster. Your husband needs to work through his misfortune issues first. This could take awhile given his age. Typically, the elder someone is, the more time these feelings own had to fester. If you love your husband,stand by him as he works through his personal issues on his own. Later on, if he still requests to have children, consider the added bliss a child may bring into your already happy lives. God Bless you both.
u 2 r too antediluvian for a baby. it would be knotty on u and it would probably lead to a miss horse-drawn carriage or complications. consider adoption
Go to your physician make sure you're fine enough. And try if you want to. If you don't after don't..

Think about how out-of-date you will be when your child graduates and convey him to think how older he will be at that time? And thats even if you can conceive right away.

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