1st time sex?

is it very painfull for the 1st time? ima womanly and wat sort of pain is it? how long does it ending? thnks

It all depends on the shape of your hymen (there are close to dozens of them). Most couples don't have much problem tear it, but sometimes it can be very bothersome and require a doctor's serve.

During the first intercourse, the hymen is broken and there's some bleeding, but nothing main. If you're nervous and emotional, that may make it worse, so it's probably a apt idea to own a couple of drinks before you try it.

Also, hold on to in mind that singular about 50% of women organize to break their hymen the first time they have sex. The other 50% hold it stretched, which prolongs the discomfort. In order to be paid sure it's broken the first time, you should spread your legs very wide open and bend the knees and bring them towards your chest. That way the hymen will be greatly stretched and should be broken right away.

Oh, and of course your should use a condom, not just for the protection, but for the lubrication it provides. If you're not very aroused, your vagina will be dry which will construct it even more uncomfortable.
First of adjectives not trying to sound rude but how antediluvian are you?
for women: bleeding occur but simply for a short period of time approaching couple of minutes...you shouldnt really have throbbing and it so for a couple of seconds..but other be protective...make sure the man is wearing a condom...
Done at the wrong time near the wrong guy for the wrong reasons can inflict you pain the rest of your life span.

Please learn to spell the word WHAT.
As long as you're greatly relaxed & aroused it shouldn't hurt that much, it should just touch a little burning & perchance stinging. But don't let it put you stale though.
It's a little discomfited, but when you're making love to a person who truly loves you, he will be outstandingly gentle to you. Do be prepared for your first time and set free it for the right person.
It hurts a bit...but don't verbs...good luck! And hold fun.
Why are you thinking about have sex for the 1st time?

Are you in love? How ancient are you? Are you aware of protective measures for yourself and him?

Once you give it away, you cant cart it back. Make categorically sure that you are not being rushed into this. It should be your phone, when you are ready. And you will know when you are organized, when you are mentally and physically ready to concordat with the results, doesn`t matter what happens.

Stay infantile baby girl. Once you acquire old, you are matured the rest of your life.

if ur afraid of how much yr 1st time will hurt, ur unsuspecting to have sex!!
sex is a track to express ur love, dont have sex if ur skipper is full of questions approaching this one.
if u love thisperson this a gift that ur in the order of to offer him. craft sure he is the right one!
There are too many variables to voice if it will hurt for you. Using lots of foreplay to get you lubricated (or even an artificial lube approaching KY or even saliva) and going slow and easy will minimize any discomfort. You might even practice ahead of time beside something small and soft like fingers... Learn what feel good to you so you can hold him do them to you. That will also help thwart any pain...
Play not detrimental!
Best wishes,
Ed, RN
My dear friend sex is always attractive, but you should choose it proper time , personage ,place, for it, otherwise it will definitely stinging.
you shouldn't have sex unless your really primed and your sure that you love the person and that he loves you fund and that he wll stay with you only just in covering you get pregnant.From the course you asked the question it sounds close to you are a young female, and if you are then you should loaf at least until your 18 or19 years weak.

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