24 yr feeble womanly near NO sex drive. How to grasp her some?

My girl friend and I have be together for 1 1/2 years. She is a Irac vet. After all the excuses and fight about why we once in a while if at all hold sex, she finnally tells me that she only never thinks nearly it, doesn't have fanticies, have no desire for it.
I am now more concerned than angry. Something have to be wrong. I'm sure her 2 tours in Irac didn't minister to. But I'm woundering how I can?

You need to fun and creative.Something that will appeal to her where on earth she cant help but want it. Sometime dearth of interest dosent mean she dosent love you or interested contained by you.She could be MADLY n love with you of late bored.TEST RUN:light candles until that time home..lots of them..flower petals on the bed& chocolate candies/strawberries...try a dice game from Spencers. You roll one it say "kiss or rub"...the other says"on lips or *%^$". that make it fun. keep it sexy.
Is she on birth control pills? Sometimes that can negatively affect libido. She may want to try a break from them or a different brand.
Coconut grease is good for regulating hormones, whether they be too low or too glorious. Make sure it's virgin (raw) coconut oil though.
Ask her to consult her gyn or desire marital counseling.
Maybe it's you, and it's IRAQ....
Some women freshly have other things on their mind.
If you be aware of you aren't getting what you need out of the relationship, after its time to move on.
what the **** stop making her hold sex if she dosent want to, of you want sex grab a pillow
First of adjectives, it's Iraq, not Irac.

She might just not be all set. 24 isn't that old, and especially when someone go through the military training system, it can inhibit their maturity contained by other areas.

Ask her if SHE considers it a problem and if she might consider going to speak to a counselor about it. If she desires to then fine. But don't expect some miracle cure, ok? Some citizens just don't own high sex drives.

Get over it. And if it's that much of a problem later move on near your life.
you can't force her, perchance she needs counseling or I don`t know she has lost interest within you!
may be she is not into guys. or may be she is just approaching that. Try to find her week spot, once you do and u ll make her horny endow with hr me of her life. Then she will be wanting more.
Listen to what she say not what you hear. Iraq is hell and where your wishes are important, oblige her heal and you both can soak up life.
It sounds close to she's been through profoundly, maybe she of late needs some time to adjust. Just because she have no fantasies and doesn't think just about sex all the time doesn't stingy she has a problem. Some women find compassion and reaction from men more attractive than fantasies. Try lighting some candles, playing some soft music and just hold her and articulate. Let her know that sex is not the most important entity and that you love her for other reasons, too. Maybe when there's a moment or two less pressure and stress in the region of it, she'll relax, too. Just enjoy eachother.
Lets be honest your not the one for her . She merely needs to find what she desires .and she needs time to find it . So stop yell and start listening to what she is trying to right to be heard . It may just be she is still tring to bring over what she went through and saw .
u newly first of all try to read between the lines her feelings and love her.u should not consider her as an intention of pleasure as u r not entitled to trepass her bodily limitations.i u consider her for initmate realtionships then try to convince her .its her right to allow u or to reject u.no law on land can force a woman to enjoy sex against her will.

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