Am i corpulent or what?

i can't really tell i am 5,9 i weigh 94 pounds and i am 21 my full entire life i own never been heavier than 90 and in a minute i am so does that mean i am tubby

Only if you call a twig excess weight...
No, you are very close to hazardously thin. Start consumption more and exercise, and work yourself up to a healthy 110. You are hurting yourself individual this thin.
no i weigh 95 lb.s and im 14

I benchpress more than you!
stop trying to hope attention. You know by now that you're underweight, especially for your loftiness. Go eat a sandwhich!
omg, bring over yourself. you might be naturally really skinny or own some eating disorder but if you really want those to say that your surefire and skinny that bad after ask your parents, they'll say your skinny no situation what.
No but you are unhealthy. You obligation to go to a doctor and numeral out a way that you can gain freight.
no you are under cargo!! yoiu should know this answer by now. this is not a seriuos questiuon and if it is grasp help! because i garnatee the first item people see when they look at you is not that your cooking oil but that your sickly skinny! eat a burger!
no you are not chubby at all
Hun, I thought I be small, you definetely ARE NOT fat, contained by fact you should own more weight on you next that! I am 5'2 and I weigh 110 lbs and everybody thinks I am lean small. I eat approaching a grown man though everyday and for some reason it lately won't stick on me.

Just to add: Maybe you should get hold of tested for thyroid disease that can cause extreme consignment problems like individual extremly under or over. I be and I turned out not to have it, but you should ask your doctor going on for it because your size is way ill!
Girl, man i wish i be you cause im rotund and you're the most sskinniest person i own ever heard of i expect you're 21 and you weigh under 90 omg girl you're so lucky i really choice i was you for TRUE good luck!
You requirement to eat. At 5'9'' you are 94 pounds? Nothing but skin higher than bones really isn't attractive not to mention unhealthy...Eat 3 meal a day.
Thatrichguy is right, dam* female go drink a sandwich!
wow..anorexic is the new flab
No. In fact you are a bit underneath weight for your point. You should be 110-118 lbs. But hey if you are happy and fine you are ok.
i hav news for u, ur underweight.any ur bone structure is very lantern or ur very unwholesome
your extremely underweight! OMGG!!
Jeez, what is it with girls on here? You aren't grease! In fact, for your distance from the ground, you are UNDERWEIGHT. You should at least weigh 110-120! But if you don't want to gain corpulent, strength train. Lift weights to gain muscle. Start eating more and formulate sure it's a balanced diet.

Go munch through a cheeseburger. When you reach 175, next we'll talk more or less being plump.
You are dangerously gossamer. You may want to be checked for a medical condition if you can't gain weight. You should be at most minuscule 125.
Seems like you're trying to hope for the attention eh? You're underweight darling. I'm 5' 5'' - 5' 6'' and weigh 110 pounds. Eat and exercise! If you own an eating disorder, budge see a doctor. Stop calling yourself fat. People enjoy worse symtoms. Such as weighing over 300 pounds, so dont find the word fat inside your principal for long.
i'm sorry, but i'm having a thorny time believing you. there is newly no way that you can be 90-94 and be at the rise of 5'9 for a long period of time and still be alive. are you sure you are recounting us the correct height and cargo?
Are u sure its not kilos, my friend is about 5 foot shes very skinny more or less 85pounds so i think its impossible for u be that skeletal.

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