How can an ovarian cyst be packed next to spike and bone?

maybe it's a fading twin..aka parasitic twin

No, its not a joke. You might hold been one of two babies when your mother be pregnant, and you might possibly be the surving twin.
no i dea but i went to the bodies iexhibit contained by the city and there be an ovary with a tooth tumor...chance stuff
i cant remember what its called but at hand is such a thing...god for teh enthusiasm of me i cant remember what the technical residence is for it
Look up teratoma
It's called a dermoid tumor and it's basically one of those weird, inexplicable things the body does. Most of the time they're "idiopathic" (no identifiable origin), but occasionally they are a result of the "loss twin" thing. I want I had a better explanation, but you should clearly be able to find more info very soon that you know the name of it (dermoid)
Good Luck!

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