I'm want to capture abs!?

I want better abs...I'm going to Florida in a few weeks and I really only want flattened abs and try to start a 6 pack. Any suggestions? Plus I'm getting my bellybutton pierced in august.

i run abundantly and i have pretty sick abs...not gonna fiction. But a little running near palattes and cruunches will probably do the trick.
sit ups, crunches, flutter kicks..they hurt approaching all get-out, but they work! i don't know anything that works better. If you don't know what adjectives those are, ask a friend who's been within the military, if you know anyone...ask around about "8 min. abs"
within are also weights that target abs, but the above excersises, you don't need anything extra for.
yea those are worthy also...hip rocks/ hanging leg raises/ and a short time ago sit ups. i got an ab workout i should cassette and sell bc it works.ahaha..simply thought of a new business endeavour!! thanks
Do greatly of cardio (running, swimming, biking, etc.) at least five times a week for at lowest 30-45 minutes to burn the fat rotten your stomach. Once the top layer of plump is off, you will be capable of see the results of doing crunches and sit ups. If the fat is still on your stomach, you won't be capable of see your abs, even if you have some perfect muscle under here.

Pilate's are also an awesome tool. Go buy a DVD of basic Pilate's and grasp started!
Hi Missy,

6 months ago I weighed 240 pounds and an almost 40 inch waist. Today, I'm 175 pounds and a 31 inch "ripped" waist. I am forever greatful to fitness trainer Tony Horton and the P90X extreme home workout program. Everyone have probably seen the P90X infomercials. I'm here to bring up to date you, its the REAL DEAL!

One of the workouts in p90X is call "Ab Ripper X". It certainly lives up to it's describe. If you want to have ripped abs, you hold to at least consider this program. If you miss the infomercial(it'll be tricky to unless you don't have a TV!) you can check it out at p90x.com.

I've documented my results at my blog scheduled below. Feel free to yahoo message or email me with any p90X related question.

Best Wishes,

Dennis Hardy
Independent Million Dollar Body Fitness Coach
you need to do the right exerices to fix you abs , call in http://www.truthaboutabs.co.nr , its got some really righteous excercises to help you out
Hope this help

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