Alergic Reaction or Infection? MATURE ADULTS ONLY, plz?

Okay so back surrounded by the fall i have what i thought was a yeast infection.. The simply symptoms i had be itchyness & inflammation.. I never get it treated or anything, i hear that once u get ur term the pH could cause it to dance away.. Once my period come, it went away for a week after my interval ended. Then it come back, kinda. Today, its not as doomed to failure as it was within the fall, i can stand it. (the first time i started foreboding itchy i couldnt take it) It usually isnt inflammed anymore down nearby, but it itches sometimes... Could i be alergic to something? Cuz i dont have anything else wrong besides those two things. Ive scholarly to try to wear only undies w/ cotton contained by & not any panties at hours of darkness... Ive noticed that if i wear panties w/out cotton the itchy & inflammation get worse (from what i remember, i havnt worn any non-cotton panties in a while)

Could that be what it is? An Alegric Reaction? or is it something worse? I be "down there" with average Dove soap bar.. is that fruitless?

it could be irritation from the soap bar.
in attendance are special gentle cleansers sold for women to bath their privates with, soap bar, even gentle ones resembling dove, have irritants surrounded by it. This alone, could cause adjectives that.
Stop using it, see what happens.
Go to the feminine hygiene aisle, you'll see adjectives the products you can use to wash your nouns.

I would suggest getting a medical opinion. That is the lone way that you will truly know what the ailment is and achieve it cured once and for all.
It sounds resembling both you had an allergic hostile response which led into an infection. It could be cause by any of the following moistness around that area from a bathing suit, a public restroom or wearing a thong or dirty underwear.
try a different soap...Vagisil creme is righteous for itching but if this problem continues you should visit a doctor for your adjectives health...
Are you sexually influential? If so I would suggest getting checked for STD's.

If not, when you become inflamed.. Try taking a bath, but some baking soda within the water. This be suggested by my OBGYN, because I was becomming enormously raw fallowing sex. And she said that it would serve soothe the skin. And it works wonderfully. Also, when you bathe, be drastically sure to rinse "down there" very ably. Even if you take a hip bath, stand up out of the water and rinse again. Change your soap. See if that works. If not, try varying your washing powders.

There are alot of diffrent reason for irratation "down there" even regular vaginal dryness.

Good Luck.

P.S. If you been to the doctor for a internal exam, your OBGYN would own noticed you have a infection.
most gyn recommend that you dont use soaps, douches etc in the private nouns. it could be an allergic reaction, but it could be an STD or bacterial vaginosis or yeast and if you've have sx this long it's clear this is not a problem that will resolve itself. You need to see a physician to do cultures and examine the nouns to tell what it is. That's the ONLY approach to know.

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