Abnormal Pap?

Last April I had an peculiar pap, and they recommended a colposcopy. Well I waited until August and have another one done, and that came fund abnormal, so I have the colposcopy with biopsy done, and they found giant grade exceptional cells. So I have the LEEP procedure done in December. That doctor said she get it all, and doesn`t matter what they cut out was completely commonplace tissue. Well, I just go to a new doctor 2 weeks ago, and the pap come back remarkable and it said abnormal low position cells, but large grade can't be excluded, a colposcopy is recommended. Would you do it? I imply, I know it's a duh question, but I am SO sick of this stuff. Biopsies are so hurting, and I think it might in recent times go away on its own. But, if the doctor said she get it all, why'd it come fund?

HPV.. Right.. I have duplicate fuggin thing...
I go to the Dr. found abnormal cell. went within for a colposcopy and a biopsy and both turned up abnormal and told me i have high risk cell. So they did a cryoscopy which was worse than anything i hold ever went threw. Where the freeze the cervix and slay the abnormal cell. Well i went final and they said that every thing looked ok. and that i hold to go rear legs for another check up in 3 months...
I abominate what life throws at you.
i would newly get it done and over next to don't put your health at risk you might develop cancer.. be protected...
this happened to me but after my colposcopy everything returned to usual. i would heed the doctor's warning if i be you. the fact that you continually are have abnormal cell could point to some deeper issue. its best to get to the root of it in the past it gets any worse. cancers/diseases are more smoothly cured the sooner you catch them. however you might want to acquire a second and third opinion. sometimes labs kind erros when they're screening the pap smears. sometimes one doctor isn't as good as the subsequent. don't ever take lately one doctors word for it.

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