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i am kinda embarressed to ask this but i dont want to ask my parents so i figured this would be polite...i am only 13 and i havent started my time of year yet but i started have the white discharge a couple years ago and a couple days ago it started being sunburn and i dont know if that is unusual or not...i imply i dont know if it is a sign that i am about to start or if something is wrong...plz oblige

Get ready girlfriend, you are something like to start your period.

The first entry you should do is TALK TO YOUR MOTHER! I don't know why it is hard for you to address to her but you should know that you can always move about to your mother to share these things with. Who's going to buy you sanitary napkins? Your mom should be the one doing this. Don't be approaching so many kids growing up that are afraid to discuss about this. When I be a youngster I didn't report anyone and I ended up using toilet article or paper towels as my sanitary napkins. How silly of a entity to do I'm now thinking. You want to manufacture sure you are using sanitary napkins because if not you will close up ruining a lot of nice panties. You know you want to other be cute so go collaborate to her right now. Don't read another answer, chat to your momma. She loves you and has be waiting 13 years for this moment. Good Luck!
U are probably about to start and probably already own it's just really oil lamp in the begining. Use a pantlyliner to prevent stained undies and i'm sure it will obtain heavier w/in the next few days and if it doesnt it probably will b subsequent time. It takes a few times for a spell to get a heavier flow
ohh thats what happen to me and my friend. I had sunburn lightish brown color stuff in my underwear i give it a day and the subsequent day i have DARK brown discharge not alot. But that went on for 7 days and so im almost positive i started. everyone said i did so yeah you will probably start soon. Good luck! i am 13 too. and i own had discharge for 1 1/3 year.
lol, u should be competent 2 talk 2 ur parents just about this. lol. but i'm 16, close enough hugh? and any ways, suntan is fine, it's usually like white, wan, or tan. ur totally ok. don't verbs
yes i think you could start any time presently, so i would carry around anything you plan on using in baggage it happens when you are not prepared
If it have a strong smell to it, go see a doctor because it could be a yeast infection. If it doesn't, later it's perfectly middle-of-the-road.
if you've got a discharge probability are you're about to start your time of year. Don't be embarassed hun, haha unfortunately period are something women just hold to deal beside, but I know where you're coming from, I can't make conversation about that open-handed of stuff with my mom or sister, but if its next to friends or if you're talking near people who can't see your frontage its not so bad. Just achieve a pad or two equipped for when it does happen, and relish becoming a woman!
Please don't be embarrassed. I realize the embarrassment, but it's better to ask and capture answers than to worry and not know. It sounds to me similar to you have already begin to start. It will start out brown or tan within the beginning. That is the process it often starts even for women who hold been have their menstrual cycle for years. If this is happening to you, I would wear a panty liner. As a mother myself however, I'm curious why you don't surface comfortable talking something like this with your mother. If you can't make conversation to your mother, is there an aunt or other feminine relative or close friend who can advise you on tampon usage or other forms of feminine protection? You will have need of this if you are beginning to own your monthly cycle. I remember being your age, within middle school, and it caught me stale guard. I was wearing powder blue pant (hey, it was the precipitate 70's and that was the style). I have to tie my sweater around my waist so nobody would notice. You don't want to be caught past its sell-by date guard like that, so the sooner you ask someone to show you how to wear the many products out there, the better.

I have an idea that, from what you are saying, that you are starting your cycles. Congratulations! It is a niggle to deal near, but you will get used to it next to time. It is a sign of emerging womanhood. It is embarrassing to natter about at times, but no problem nothing to be dismayed or ashamed about. You will be fine!!
And so it begin, sweetie, you are becoming a woman, don't worry, adjectives sounds normal, it can be crushing to speak to mom, but believe me, she will help you. Buy yourself some pad, so you will be ready, sometimes it can be rather uncomfortable, you will discern a few cramps, but all is okay, rejoice, this is what duration is about, generosity to womanhood !!
congrats your soon to start dont worry nearly it just be prepared and detail your mom or sister when you get it so lately dont ask a crap load of question like when am i going to ge tit 50 times soak up it while you dont have it because once it comes its a core pain at times litterally

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