After have sex..?

After having sex beside my fiance, I go to the bathroom inwardly 10-15 minutes. When I go to the toilet some of the sperm comes this mundane? Why does it come out? Also I am using implanon does this have anything to do beside the fact that some sperm cant stay contained by? Please help. Thank you! (",)

This is exceptionally normal.
All you call for is one tiny sperm to get pregnant. There are millions contained by one ejaculation, so it has to come out.
IT go a little deeper that this.
When semen (the solution sperm is in) is first ejaculate it looks like a white jelly, this is so it can stay within the vagina while it fertilizes an egg, if is going to happen. later it liquefies, varying its consistency into liquid and afterwards it comes out of you.
Our bodies doesn't absorb it. It in recent times takes what it requests (which is ONE sperm) and then get hold of rid of the rest.
What a maroon!
No explicitly normal. THat is semen and it other leaks out after sex. Some stays surrounded by your vagina but the heat of your vagina thins it out and it leak out.
YEAH!.What a M-A-R-O-O-N!! Good answer!
This is completely normal. The sperm thins out and -- because you use your kegel muscles when urinating -- the kegel muscles push the semen out of your vagina.

This is really nothing to verbs about. Also, the semen dies after around 3 days. It should all come out eventually.
Yes i.e. normal and some of the sperm comes out.But if you don't know in the region of that,i think you might be to childlike to be having sex.Where are your parents at.
What does up & within must eventually come down & out. What you don't push out, gravity will take assistance of.
this is normal i be watching talk sex next to sue last darkness and it's normal i assume that it g-spot *** and thats when sperm comes out like profoundly like of *** comes out resembling pee but it's ***.
hope this helps!

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