A Tampon cross-examine?

I am so sick of using pads and I want to use tampons very soon, but I have a few question.

1. Do they hurt when you put them in?

2. Do I hold to use them at 16?

3. what's the risk?

They can be a little self-conscious at first especially if they are put in incorrectly follow the instruction within the pack. There are no age restrictions or requirements use them if you think they are better for you, they are better contained by summer because you can still go swimming. The on risk is toxic shock syndrome which is usually cause by leaving the tampon surrounded by for to long (try to change around every 3 hours depending on the flow) Make sure you clean up your hands properly until that time you insert a tampon and if you feel sick, dizzy, own a headache and a temperature afterwards take out the tampon and see a doctor straight away.

Best of Luck.
no they dont hurt to put them surrounded by, no you dont have to be a special age and the risk is infection but thats if you hold on to them in to long. switch them like a run of the mill pad. its firm to sometimes bc since youdont see it you forget aout it or dont think it wishes to be changed.
They dont hurt to put, except at first, but you get used to it right away. it doesnt issue what age you are. and the only risk is TSS (toxic shock syndrome) which is really undercooked, and can be avoided by changing your tampon every few hours or so
i used my first one surrounded by 7th grade, so no in that is no age requirement. it shouldnt hurt, but you may be a little fidgety (i was) when putting one in for the 1st time. i merely suggest putting it in when your time is on its heaviest flow so it can slide in beside ease previously you are used to putting them in.

toxic shock is one risk, you can read up on it.
1. Not if you win the right size... get the teen-slim size ones.
2. No - you don't HAVE to, they are merely a convenience.
3. Prolonged insertion of one tampon can head to toxic shock syndrome. Be sure and change your tampons regularly...

read the insert within the box... they'll give you directions and warning.
Okay, first off, tampons will be MUCH more comfortable than pad. So, to answer your questions...
1.) No. It will consistency a little awkward at first, but that purely takes getting used to.
2.) I don't believe so- I started using them at age 13 and I was and still am a virgin- if that make a difference lol :-)
3.) There's always a risk of TSS, which I can't describe you much about but if you look contained by the box of tampons there is other a little newspaper about what TSS is, as powerfully as instructions about HOW to put contained by a tampon.
they only are for a time uncomfortable at first. you dont HAVE to use them, but i would strongly recommend it. They have a feeling better, you feel much more verbs. you shouldn't leave them within for more than like 8 hours or you'll return with TSS which is bad, but you'll be fine if you in recent times change them regularly.
wow, im 14 and i hold to use them!

1. no, not if you put them in right! it be kind of complicated and scary at first, but you gain used to it.

2. i guess you don't have to use them, unless you swim or play sports.

3. you could bring back tss(toxic shock syndrome) if you leave it contained by too long, but it's rare.

pious luck! i can't live w/o them now. if you enjoy any more questions you can message me or try chitchat to your mom or looking at beinggirl.com.
1. No, just a bit uncomfy

2. No WAY!!

3. Toxic Shock Syndrome, you bring this from leaving it within too long ( more than 8 hours )

Good Luck!
1. They might hurt the first time
Make sure they're inserted far enough (check diagram contained by box)

2. You can use them at 16 (I started at 15)

3. There should be a leaflet within the box telling of risks, such as Toxic Shock Sindrome. If you use them correctly, you shouldn't enjoy problems!

4. Talk to your Mum

No they do not hurt if you insert them correctly, there isn't a age ceiling on tampons, just engineer sure you change them regularly and you will be fine, if you dont metamorphosis them like u should you could return with toxic shock syndrome (TSS) which is very risky it causes glorious fever and stomaches you could die from it. Every box of tampons comes next to an insert that tells you how to insert the tampon and tell you about TSS.
Tampons don't hurt when you put them contained by. If your period is lighter it may grain a bit uncomfortable inserting it because you're more dry. So try some vaseline or KY to lubricate it and generate the applicator slide in easier. Put one leg up on a toilet form and insert the tampon towards your back at a slight angle.

You don't hold to use tampons when you're 16. You can use pads if you similar to. Whatever you feel comfortable near is what you should use. There are no rules about using them. They are singular convenient for when you go to the shore and swim and don't want to be stuck running to the bathroom to make sure your length didn't start too soon when you got out of the hose down.

The only risk that I know of beside tampon usage is Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). It's dangerous to women of any age and it's cause by the build up of bacteria on a tampon. If a tampon is worn for more than the allotted tome (4-6 hours), microbes builds up which can cause an inection. You can wear them during the hours of darkness, don't worry. You should purloin it out and replace it in the morning though. TSS have been agreed to kill, so think twice and remember to change the tampon.

Choose doesn`t matter what is comfortable! Don't feel pressured to use tampons.
Tampons may hurt the first time you use them because it might pop your cherry. Or it might not, it really depends. Other than that, they are pretty comfortable. The risk is TSS, Toxic Shock Syndrome. It's uncommon but can be deadly. To lower your risk of it, use the smallest tampon that can control your flow as possible and correction them throughout the day, instead of wearing one tampon adjectives day. You might want to twosome the tampons with a pantiliner within case of mild leak, but as you get more used to how commonly you need to conveyance tampons, the need for pantiliners will run down.
1.No, it does not hurt to insert a tampon.
2.You can use them anytime.
3.The only risk is Toxic Shock Syndrome. This happen if a tampon is left surrounded by for too long. It is a condition that can be fatal. Menstrual blood is unresponsive, clotted blood. If this blood is left inwardly the body too long it can become 'toxic' to the body. TSS can cause greatly of symptoms including fever, nausea, vomitting, and can even result surrounded by death if treated. However, this is very pink, and as long as you don't leave a tampon within more than 6 hrs, you should be fine. Good luck!
1. the first time you use it, it would probably hurt a little, but youll draw from used to it.
2. no, you dont have to be 16.
3. when you evacuate it up there too long, it can be unsafe, so always remember to exchange every 3-4 hours.
if you put them in right, they dont hurt at adjectives..you dont even feel them. but since you've never used one up to that time..i would suggest getting really skinny ones especially for teens. just read the directions it explains everything. and no you dont ever HAVE to use tampons, theres no set rule on what you're supposed to use, in recent times whatever you resembling best. and the downside to wearing tampons is that it puts you at risk for TSS (toxic shock syndrome) which can happen if you forget you own a tampon in and it stays within for days..but thats rare. a moment ago make sure you alteration it every 4-8 hours and you're all set! hope i help =)
1) No! They don't at all; Make sure to use the right tampon for your flow. IE - thickset, regular, and light.
2) NO you def don't enjoy to use them at age 16. I used to be a faithful tampon user but enjoy now since switched support to pads. I lone wear tampons during sports or if I'm wearing a dress.
3) there's warnings of TSS - Toxic Shock Syndrome when wearing tampons. Long story short - if a peice of the tampon is vanished in your who-haw it can explanation a bacterial infection that blows up and can kill you. It's a intensely realistic risk - one of my friend's aunts passed away from it.

Give 'em a try - they really aren't that impossible and less mess!
i grain your pain. tampons merely hurt if you push them in too far, so simply go within until it isn't sticking out anymore. and if you are still a little dry down in attendance, it might be hard to put contained by. practice on not your period, and use some lubricant to minister to it slide. i started using a tampon at age 13 and i am not even 16 now. don't verbs about it. the risks of tampons are toxic shock syndrome, and i don't know anything just about that, and not much else.
by the way, start out next to a plastic applicator, cuz the cardboard ones can rub a little on the lip. but you get used to it.
I enjoy been using a tampon sence I be 13...my first period...It never hurt..I simply didnt similar to the way a wipe felt, and didnt close to not being competent to go swimming...the lone risk I know is tss.toxic shock syndrom..which is very amazingly rare..a well-mannered way to craft sure your cahnging your tampon often plenty is to just progress it ever 3-4 hours even if you think you dont call for to.this way you can cram your body..You should tell your mother that you would similar to to try them and explain why.she will be your biggest help when your standing surrounded by the store in front of 30 different kind of tampons..my suggestion though...tampax pearl or the playtex sport.....
1. Absolutley not, if you're relaxed and you're putting them in right
2. No you can use anything you want
3. There's a risk for TSS (toxic shock syndrome) which is rare but can be homicidal if left untreated. (If diagnosed rash, it's very treatable) TSS is cause by leaving a tampon within for more than six hours.

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