After how lots times is it OK to ..?

Do it without a condom!!

None stupid.
depends on if you want kids or not. If you want kids, its ok. If not, never
I lone would if it was a serious committed relationship, you're both sure you aren't endorsement something along to the other person, and in attendance are no infidelity problems with the relationship.
until you prefer that you want a child because thats whats most likely to come to pass and std risk gets difficult
To do what without a condom? Having sex? If you are married you don't obligation to use a condom if your wife uses a birth control pill or she's sterilized or you had a vasectomy. Not married? Then I suggest you use a condom till you grasp married!! Don't want to catch a STD or HIV do you or gain pregnant with your partner?
Honestly, never, but if you hold both been tested and are trust-worthy, it's okay after for STD purposes. As for pregnancy...only if you are using a well-mannered back-up method, like sterilization or an IUD.
be wary. Once you are comfortable with a character then it is your conclusion as a couple if you want risk pregnancy. Also be sure that you or your partner doesn't have any stds that can be transferred short a condom.
When you're ready to enjoy a baby.
NEVER. Unless you want kids.
in good health that depends on whether you is wanting babies or if you intend to withdraw or be withdrawn from to prevnt this. or are you on going on for in a relationship? if u r later thats up to the individual but what i would say is engender sure you trust the person and if you enjoy doubts both go to the GUM first to clear sure there are no nasties from previous partner?
god that was grotesque to write! sounds similar to sex ed all over again. hope it help anyways
you should never do it without aa condom because you can receive pregnant or get a sexually trasmitted disease

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