Age to lose virginity?

is it slutty to lose your virginity at 12 years old to a personality you just met??

Don't lug the negatives to heart. Some those take pleasure within making others feel doomed to failure about themselves.
I lost mine at the age of 11, but to someone I know...
Just take consideration not to pick up a disease.
oh yeah. thats slutty. sorry. i waited til i turned 18.
lol! sure... immediately u got to shift get a papsmear..
Thats not slutty thats a moment ago gross. you are a child.
comes acros that way, yeah lol sorry
Please do dawdle a little longer. Girls who started to be sexually helpful before the age of 18 are more promising to develop cervical cancer.
Um don't feel discouraging about yourself it's not your failure,but i think you in recent times got abused effect your not old ample yet to settlement with sex mentally/emotionally and it's not athletic or normal for you to own sex at 12....this could sent your life down a direction you don't want to progress.I suggest therapy and carry away from the person you did it next to cause he's a immensely bad entity.don't see him even if he seems nice what he is doing is wrong and he will do or read out anything to manipulate you even if you reflect on is not .trust me he is...i have see this and be through this...Take care of yourself and relate a adult give or take a few this,other than him!
Frick yeah. Wait until you own a job and a motor and know the guy for at least a month... and not enjoy sex because it's a mutual agreement to use each other for pleasure, but because you love respectively other and want to give respectively other integrity. Whatever. Do what you want.
12 years old is too youthful.
12 is far too young and at any age why would someone want to lose their virginity to someone they do not know...
i lost mine at 12 , but i know the guy
Yes. I waited until I be 20 to give mine away. I made sure that the guy I picked be the one that I wanted to spend the rest of my life span with.

Wait at tiniest until you go to college. Once a rumor go around that you've been beside a guy, then it spreads that you've be with everyone. Don't tarnish your reputation. Keep your legs closed.
its wrong is what it is!
i wait until i was 23 and my celebratory night and so did my hubby. he be 32 at the time

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