23 year aged skin...?

How does 23 year old feminine skin compare to 18 year old womanly skin? Is it less firm than the younger skin? Is 22, 21, and 20 year antediluvian skin also less firm than 18 year older skin?

look, it doesnt matter how frail the person is. it depends of how u transport care of it.
it would adjectives depend on if the 23 year old have had a child but and how she takes guardianship of herself. not all women's skin feel the same, even if they are matching age!
there is usually not appreciable difference, especially if the personality in interview takes comfort of their skin and protects it from the sun.
Yes, skin loses elasticity as we age. Once we pass the age of old age it's downhill. The differences may be undetectable to human senses and can be delayed slightly with the application of mosturizers and sunscreens.
it's give or take a few the same. When you bring around the age of 30 you may notice a difference.
at 23 within shouldnt be much difference from an 18 year olds skin...
I really think the difference isn't even something you can gauge. Skin is so firm and nice well into the behind 20's. Just take watchfulness of it and avoid the sun.

I didn't notice a regulation in my skin until I be late 30's and later it was a particularly fast transmute. It started always looking dry no thing how much I moisturized it.
put at least 10 years difference to question paper
i will gladly run your test
as u age, ur losing cells everyday of ur duration. therefore logically u cant compare bt in the present day there r varied creams and cosmetic solutions, although biologically it is all down 2 age.
are you stupid or what.what are you chitchat about honey..23 yeah thats indeed ancient,ask your request for information again when you are 43,ok Meanwhile enjoy overall youth.why not start cleansing your frontage mornings and before sleep near cleansingmilk/tonic NO SOAP.and start using a good day/nightcare-cream and ofcourse try to stay out of really long sunbathing,dont overdo your caffeine-intake and MOST importantly be immature THINK young.NO USE to verbs about profoundly of things when you are 23,ok.This might give you precipitate frown/lines and wrinkles
smoother tighter and softer

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