Always Late Periods? Hormone count is common according to the doctor what is goin on near me!?

I always own constantly late period to 43 days maximum i went to the doctor just about this and bascially my hormone count is normal. So i wonder why if my hormones are regular why i am not having a 28 year cycle! Has any one else had any experience to this, what cause this if hormones are normal. I am 16 year aged and started my period when i be 12-13. Thankyou for any help you can make a contribution me

How irregular are they? Could be you just own a 30 or 35 day cycle or something. Periods can be terrifically irregular in some society especially the first few years. Some people are of late like that. Not everybody go for 28 days, you could be mostly regular but on a longer cycle. The fact is if your hormones are typical then it's probably zilch to worry around at the moment. In fact you're a bit lucky, I wish I have a 43 day one!
i dont know why your period are so irregular, but it can take years for them to become regular, i have mine for 5 years and they still weren't regular, but then i go on the pill and that worked. you coupld try the birth control pill. some women take it singular to ease extent pains and make them more regular. mine are resembling clockwork now!
Not everyone have a 28 day cycle.

Yours freshly happens to be roughly speaking 43 days long.

The only time I have a 28 day cycle is when I get on birth control pills. When I wasn't on pills I could have it anywhere between 30 and 50 days.
Why did u not ask adjectives these questions from the doc?

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