9 year weak daughter have a scratchy lump contained by one breast - should I be concerned?

its most likely a cyst but nick her to her doctor as soon as possible
Yes she should be checked out at the docs office.
is the lump big or pea sized? if its pea sized and inside that method she could have breast cancer. If it is big im not sure what it is.
Hope this help!
Of course you should be concerned. Take her to the doctor as soon as possible.
take her to obtain checked, u dont want some cps person sayin its medical negligence!
And you found this lump how?
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okay you should take your daughter to the doctors only just in armour! because studies show that the youngest development of breast cancer be 14 but it can be possible!
I would check in next to your daughter's pediatrition as soon as possible. Although it would be a small chance, the lump could possibly be a cyst or an rash sign of breast cancer.

Another possibility is your daughter is going through puberty and she is beginning to develope a more womanly integer. It is common surrounded by girls going through puberty to experience pain, especially when they are bumped or any pressure it put upon them. Breasts do not other develope at the same rate, thus explaining the throbbing on only one side.

I hope this help a little!
Yes, I agree it could be a cyst, but you should run get it checked at the doctor soon. However, she could be merely like "growing", but if it's a lump probably you should progress to the doctor yeah.

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