Am i 2 skinney ?

well i hold been losing
alot of keep on latly an i am
already skinney and it is
staring to scare me a bit
i havent be eating alot
latly but i cant relief that

here is my pic vvv

If you are worried about losing shipment, try to increase your calorie intake (in a healthy way) near little snacks during the day. It doesn't issue how much you weigh (in the end), but what your BMI (body mass index) is. 110 lbs looks very different on someone who is 6' than someone who is 5'. Check out this (child and teen, in that is a link for 20 yrs +) BMI calculator. It will tolerate you know what your BMI is, where you crash down (underweight, normal, overweight, obese) and you can work from in attendance. Teens need a larger food intake to net up for the longer hours spent awake and increased energy and pursuit. Try eating more recurrently (whenever possible).
From that picture I don't think you are too skinny. There's no side scenery to see but you look pretty healthy to me.
Hun, you're style too skinny! Start eating some more.. you may enjoy to force yourself.

i would say you are to skinny any smaller quantity you will just be skin and bone munch through some Twinkies or cupcakes you need a put on a few pounds a moment ago don't take my push for the wrong way and become overweight i would recommend any where on earth from at least 10 to 20 pounds
you know what youre not that skinny, for me it's freshly fine. It depends on you on how you take it. I'm merely like you , you see but for me it's not that requisite to worry roughly it. The thing that you must verbs with is that even your skinny are you still clean?
maybe you could gain somewhat so you actually own a shape i lost alot of weight final year and was skin a bones so i have to stuff my face when i be stuffed until i saw i got curves!!
You look similar to an average healthy youngster to me.
you look a little skinny. but not approaching bad. I don`t know you have a thyroid problem. it's be your metabolism is super fast and your body cant lock in up. it's called hyperthyroidism. but if your force yourself to guzzle and eat closely, your can stretch out your stomach and make yourself gain shipment, if you dont like mortal skinny.'d be nice if there be a side view. and how can you sustain not eating?
Please don't permit everyone see your pic hunny! part of growing is a constant transmutation in your body it fluctuates alot surrounded by your teens especially if your growing taller! If your really concerned please talk to your doctor or own flesh and blood! As long a your eating clean you should be just fine! Are you anyone more active? Are you stressed out over something? Answer those up to that time you worry! If at hand is no reason the distinctly call your doc!
Good luck!

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