(Ladies Only) Is that true?!?

I know this might sound stupid so don't answer if you're going to be rude. First of adjectives, I read in a book a few years ago that if you pocket other medicine while on the pill, that it's possible to become pregnant. In the book, the girl be on the pill and she took some cough medicine for a cold and become pregnant, is this true? Secondly, a few years before I started the pill, I saw on the report where they said if you're overweight that the pill isn't as successful, is this true?

TRUE: Both are true. Antibotics and Anti-inflammitories make birth control pills deskbound. Antibotics view BC hormones as an antibody and munch through it instead of letting your body digest it. Your BC pills and ANY antibotic should have those off-putting lables on it. Just be careful w/ sex if you're on antibodics or anti-inflammitories. You're BC will start working again once you're of the other meds.

Overweight: Just resembling other meds, you may need giant doses for it to be AS effective. I am fundamentally tall and weigh in the region of 180 lbs so I need the regular strenghth ones. I tried lower dose, and they did not work for me. They probably would for someone who be around 115 lbs though. If you weigh 180 lbs, the BC has to seize it's working agent (the hormones) thru 180 lbs of body...where as someone who weigh 120 lbs, it has smaller amount weight/body mass to get thru, accordingly it works better. Get it?

And I am SHOCKED at some of the answers on here! BC pills DO NOT work for everyone!! No wonder there are so heaps unplanned pregnancies!
no i dont think so two both
no not true to both. the one and only way you can become pregnant is by a man and his sperm lol. and the pill works for every woman.
i own a some friends on the pill one became pregnant after taking allergy medication so the answer is yes
i dunno...is it coz the chemicals surrounded by the cough medicine eradicated the chemicals within the pill and stopped it from wrking? hmmm.u need dr frank but he dont allow emails so i dunno. some1 will knw, but i dont. it mu8st be some chemical repercussion.
The only bearing a girl can get pregnant is if she have had sex,, in attendance is no other possible way...
Yes it is true, some medicine like antibiotics and cold and allergy medicine do effect the way your birthcontrol works. I read it surrounded by some pamplets that my obgyn gave me. And roughly speaking overweight people on bitrthcontrol can also be true because your metabolism is usually slower than skinny inhabitants and it dosent take the right effect, because it take longer or slower to get contained by your system. This is all from my pamplets that I own had. And I am pretty sure if they werent tru my gyno wouldnt hold gave them to me. I hope this help ya out.
The pill becomes smaller amount effective when one is taking enduring steroids (cortisones) or antibiotics.

A pharmacist can tell you for sure.

The pill is influential even if you're overweight because it alters your hormones to make your body infer it's pregnant.

If you are overly concerned, call your gynecologist and set up an appointment to discuss your concerns next to your doctor.

thats why you always check next to your doctor before you embezzle any medication to see if it effects what your taking, but i dont think its true
the one roughly other medicaine while on the pill, thats not true...the one about overweight ethnic group, i dont know
YES, IT IS TRUE. you can become pregnant if you take unmistaken perscription medication while on the pill. usually the pharmacist will give you a composition that indicates possible side effects etc.
I also am shocked at some of the answers on here! SadToday22 is on the right track. You can become pregnant while on the pill and taking certain medication. Certain medications can alter the worth of the pill. Some medications take home the pill not work at all, or incredibly little. While other medications when taken while on the pill can in truth enhance your fertility and work as a fertility drug. For example, never take the pill and pennicillin together. This can create the pill to work similarly to a fertility medication. It's very influential to talk to your doctor previously taking any medications while on the pill.

Yes, anyone overweight can also alter how effictive the pill is. It won't change your probability of getting pregnant a whole lot, but it will increase that risk a touch bit, making the pill a little smaller quantity effective.
contained by some cases this is true in other no but the pill is lone 99.9% affective there is that 1% not here remember and yes birth control does work for over weight populace if you are insecure think something like dieting SAFETLY but I've been on the pill 3 years and it works trust me
Yes it is true.

Some medicine will lessen the effectiveness of birth control.

Make sure you bargain with your doctor roughly speaking what you should and should not be worried about.
Certain medication prevent the pill form being metabolised properly.
Tuberculosis medication
Some migraine mediations
St Johns Wort

Thos near higher body counterbalance may need highly developed doses of pill to maintain the vital level of hormones contained by their blood.

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