After sex I enjoy a white discharge...?

After sex I have a white discharge & nil hurts or itches & it only happen after sex. I know it's not a yeast infection what could it be??

it is your own natural lubricant, sex churns it up and make it frothy/creamy. depends what time of the month you are on how much you get. around ovulation you'll grasp a lot
It is semen leak out of your vagina. Why are you having sex if you didn't own a clue what this was? You want to read more about sex so you enjoy a clue before you hold sex again.
This may be a dumb question, but is he using a condom?

Sounds resembling your natural fluids for lubrication. I wouldn't verbs unless there is distress, discomfort or an odor involved.
just technique that you got adjectives exited a few hours before. it's commonplace. just a side effect of sex for some women.
While have sex you release fluid just approaching he does. It may be thick or fine depending on you body. After sex bathe and wipe really well brought-up. its just "juices" that your body produces a vaginal lubricant.
its not him its you.youhave right a orgasm and you *** after sex but one and only some times dont worry its note bad but if you are tremendously very wrroried run to the doctor

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