***The monthly thing***?

My period is irregular. I used to bring my period approaching once or twice a year, and I belived that...that was the judgment I could not get pregnant. Anyways, my husband not here me this year for another girl because he got her pregnant. But adjectives of a sudden I started feeling regretful, stressed, and not worth anything, but my perioud started coming out every month since february. So when I was near him, I had not extent. But know that Im not with him, I own my period usual. What's the deal? so does that close-fisted I can get pregnant?

Some relatives stress so much over having a child that they can't conceive. How frequent times did we hear about women turning to adoption after years of infertility and suddenly find themselves pregnant make happen they stopped having anxiety over getting pregnant.

Period = ovulation = fertile.

Good luck.
If you hold irregular cycles it could be due to being overweight. Did you start losing counterweight when he left? If so, that could be the rationale.
Maybee he stressed you out and the delayed you Period. Yes I think you can own a child. Good luck:)
please see a doctor and find out for sure
well divorce is a stressful time and so possibly that threw you over he edge. u might not hold been surrounded by as much stress when you where near him? who knows but hunny u should be glad that prick vanished you if her was screwin around! i hope everything go we ll for u!
god bless
yes. i think he stressed u out. u should be glad to not be beside him!! im sorry that he left you though.

u will find another man, and this time he'll be better!


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