A term interrogate, lend a hand?

when i am on my period i enjoy to like push my blood out, same beside discharge, mine doesnt just leach, is that normal, are you similar to this?

Have you talked to your doctor? I myself own never heard of anyone have to "push" there period/discharge out. But everyone is different. Do you hold severe abdominal pain during your cycle. I estimate if you haven't already you need to receive to a gynecologist immediately and explain adjectives your symptoms. It could also be a hormone issue. If i were you i would run and have it checked out without delay..I hope i was some backing..
No.. that's not normal. you should probably team leader over to the doctor and ask them what's going on. It's possible the blood is clotting or the tissue isn't breaking down into small enough bits to leach out of you. Neither of these are good. Head over to the doctor, k?
no,this is not conventional,you need to budge see your doctor,there might be a blood clot clogging your uteris from letting your discharge and blood flow
No.. see a doctor right now.

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