Is this regular?

when that time of the month comes around and the first day comes close to after an hour of it this really excruciating pain shoots from where on earth the ovaries are located and into my back where on earth they remain for a few hours and as time progresses the pain spreads down into my legs and to my stomach making me want / hold to puke and get headache. the pain stops spreading and only just stays there until the subsequent day where on earth they completely dissapear. is that normal for girls or what cuz it freshly doesnt sound commonplace 2 me

Honestly we're all different and your situation doesn't nouns any less usual than the rest.

Me personally, I take pains and tender breast at least 2 weeks contained by advice. The hours of daylight my cycle arrives, I sometimes have affliction so SEVERE in my coccyx - tail bone - that I can only just walk. My fingertips attain numb. I get seasick! It's a roller coaster ride!

If you honestly think you may hold an issue then hope the guidance of your OB/primary care physician. Good Luck! :-)
i would progress to doc and have your thyroid checked its possible that u get a thyroid problems it makes the period painful and weighty to.
when you go to your Dr you should also ask in the region of being checked for endometriosis. that cause severe pain as economically

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