Advice on period?

my 13 year old niece requests to know whats best to use towels or tampax

towels i think for her age group
I use tampons. I use playtex sports.but only about any caring I have ever used have worked just fine...
most girls start using towels, next tampons when a bit older
i'm no feminine but, my ole lady is and she would use tampax and not towels.
definitly use a tampax, they might help yourself to some getting use to but she will never be self concious about anything showing, besides towels are mortified and can be messy...she will eventually use tampax anyway. dont you...
Towels? You mean pad? If she is comfortable with using tampons, they are the best. If she bleeds robust, maybe wear a panty liner wad too. I think she should wear pad through the night, because of toxic shock syndrome. She'll own to try both and she what she is more comfortable with.
i started my extent when i was 12 and i used towels at first.
i would recomend she use towels at first, because of her age and so that she can capture used to her period.
after a while, i begin to hate the outlook of the period and i didnt really trust towels and so i tried tampons.
ever since afterwards, i have used tampons.

i guess you should let her try both and so consequently she will have the power to choose what she feel better using.
definately towels. i wouldnt recommed tampax especially at her age.
towels because it is believed that tampax could cause tss which some sort of virus if used too much and she is sytill childlike so definately towels
Start out with pad - less intimidating than tampons at first. Then when she is comfortable she may want to move to tampons.
I would speak tampons. I started my period when I be 8 and used pads (towels) at first, really merely because my mom wouldn't let me use tampons. Finally when I turned 12 I started using tampons instead, only the thin ones, and I unambiguously prefer tampons. Pads are far too uncomfy and can be messy!
If she is a virgin how can she manage tampax
she is still young-looking so pads
tampons are the best but i resembling playtex the best
I think she should hold a supply of both, to decide which is best for herself. You of course don't have to own lost your virginity to use tampons, though she may need to try a few times to receive used to inserting them properly. Toxic Shock Syndrome is a BACTERIAL, not viral infection, very serious and surrounded by fact life span threatening, and can come from leaving tampons contained by for way too long. Thankfully it is odd, and as long as she only keep a tampon in for the time it is needed/recommended on the box, she needn't verbs about that. Of course the prime advantage of tampons is that you can forget you are have your period, the downside, apart from the bloody T.S.S. risk, is that it takes practice to use them and you MUST remember to exchange them and not forget to remove the last one of your spell!

Towel/pads have really enhanced though over the last few years, you can obtain really thin ones that are still enormously absorbent and basically stick on one's underwear! The downside is that although they are very permeable she will still feel her length coming out, which can make her touch self-conscious.

So I would recommend getting both, leaving her to experiment and choose for herself. If she have a heavy time it can be good to use both together, the tampon will do it's charge and a towel can catch any possible leak before she can make over it. Good luck to her but she won't need it, she will almost certainly make the right verdict for herself if she has a supply of both until she have decided which she prefers.
at her age she should use towels but when she is 14/15 the she should use tampons as they are more convenient
Id enunciate pads/towels untill she becomes more au fait with both period and her own body. tampons can be tricky if you're not used to them and starting your period is scary ample.

i would say towels at 13 .
in good health i started using pads when i started (when i be 12) now (i'm 14) i've lately started to use tampons. i know i wouldn't have be able to enjoy the responsibility of having to remember when to be in motion to the toilet etc when i was 12. but presently i can... so it's best to start with pad!
At that age I wouldn't even consider letting her know about tampons , I deduce getting your period is satisfactory to scar you for go without have to try those out
I would advise towels for her age. Tampons are well forgotten raising the risk of toxic shock..Ultimately it really depends how evolve she is explain benefits of both and see what she decides.

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