9 year out-of-date daughter getting her time?

My 9 year old daughter be at a family member house the other eveing and started bleeding from her vagina. We gave her pad etc, as I have discussed menstruation wtih her in the past, but when she woke up in the morning, near was no more blood. Is it common for a girl to have such a short, street light period? For the first one? Her stomach be hurting her two days prior to this?...its been along time for me and I cannot remember..PLEASE HELP

Its probably newly spotting, I had that a few times up to that time I actually started my interval. Her first period will be really feathery but it will last longer than a time. I am 27 and remember all of that! I be 12 when I actually started but spotted give or take a few 4 months prior.
During the adolecent years, periods are iregular. It might not own been a length. Maybe she was only bleeding in that nouns as it matured. Ask a doctor. It's just wrong if she started puberty at age 7-8 and get hold of a period at 9.
It's different anyway.
Yes, it's ordinary. When you first get your spell, it will most likely be irregular for the first year or so. So don't take worried if her first period is short, it may come pay for again in a few daylight.
Kat is incorrect when she says that it is wrong for a girl to start her interval at 9 y.o. With the increase in form and food, children are reaching puberty earlier than 10-20 years ago. Fifty years ago Australian/American/ West European girls reach puberty between 12-15. Now the same girls accomplish puberty between 8-12. European girls who reach puberty following do so due to genetics combined near health standards and food trait etc.
Precocious puberty can start as young as 2 years of age next to girls and happens a great deal more than people realise.
its a sign she will start contained by 2 years happened for me

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