**** or not?!?!?!?!?!?

i am going into the 8th grade and so is one of my best friends she have been going out near my ex-boyfriend for 10 months and has given him 6 blowjobs within the past 2 months.I contemplate that she is a ****.so should i still hang out next to her or what?

If you really like your best friend, and don't want her to will, I'd say chitchat to her about it. You probably won't be capable of convince her to stop doing what she's doing, but let her know it bothers you.

I wouldn't necessarily name her a "****" because she's doing this with her boyfriend, and not a bunch of jumbled boys. Their sex life is their own business, and if she decide to tell you in the order of it, you don't really have a say aloud in what they should or should not do.

If you really can't procure over the fact that she's be doing this, I guess the only choice is to stop speaking to her.
u hang out near her if u still like her/stand her, if u cant newly lay low for a while, she'll probley get over it, it might a moment ago be a stage in her life span,
WOW i am going in to 8th too, and OMG what is her problem. Tell her that you a short time ago want to stop being her freind
no i don't consider u should hang out next to her..because she is a fast little girl...and if she's dating one of ur ex..consequently what kind of friend is that...trust me she's no obedient...but if u like her afterwards be her friend just be aid ful
Hang out with her,your not your freind and you dont do wat your freind dose,ppl get the drift that an if not **** them!
besides that is to say her bf
Seventh grade? Wow..

OK, this sure enjoy changed since I was within seventh grade. You should pay attention, you might catch the "whore" bug.

But seriously, it's your phone. If you don't mind hangin out with a ho, consequently be my guest.
You are known by the company you run beside. Have you heard the frail saying, " Birds of a spike flock together "? If you truly care more or less your reputation then verbs.
What she is doing is going to get her into an unplanned babe. A baby is a lifetime commitment and a 24 hour a morning job.
Her youth will be over because this is a work for an adult.
You come across more mature than she does and I commend you on using your brain.
NO! Friends don't move about hook up with their friends ex's.Why do so masses girls think giving come first isn't as bad as "going adjectives the way"?You'd think girls would muse it's gross,sticking a guys you know what in your mouth! Who know where it's be! And why do it if the favor isnt being "returned"?

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