ι тнι иσямαl?

i am 13 yrs old im 4'11" and i instrument 76 pounds is that normal?

Do not listen to anyone's rude comments. I be the same method. You're fine.. if you eat healthily, you probably freshly have a big metabolism like me. It's going to be obliging in the long run.
Wow noooo it is not. you are agency under consignment. not to be mean do u enjoy an eating disorder? do you put away right?
Well you are fairly short but it's still underweight.
i.e. not normal.
you should stir to the doctor.
do you eat?
i enjoy a friend like that and shes worst first of adjectives do you eat commonplace next is the 76 pounds article is about howtall you are you evidently are that elevated theres nothing wrong
Go to yahoo search out and type in BMI and click on the first article that comes up, u put in ur body Weight and rise and it tells u if ur glowing under- or overweight

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