A typical burns-when-you-pee sound out?

It really burns AFTER i use the bathroom. right after.
any reasons as to why?? its be over a week now!

Could be a Venereal Disease or a kidney Infection. Do You hold discharge.
Could be urinary tract infection, so it's a good theory to go to the doc. You may inevitability antibiotics.
id say-so you have a urinary infection. you should travel to the doctors to get some antibiotics to clear it up. or drinking cranberry liquid can really help clear it up if you dont want to cart drugs
It could be cystitis, get it checked out by doc
UTI. get hold of on antibiotics and drink both canberry juice and A LOT of marine. you want to take caution of this before it turns into a kidney infection which will landscape you in the hospital for a few days.

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