After sex interrogate?

First off, I am NOT trying to capture pregnant and I am on birth control. Serious answers only please.

After sex I enjoy a huge amount of liquid that comes out. Part of me think this is good because I am sure that some of it is sperm coming out, but the other chunk of me gets really annoyed because it literally comes out adjectives night. Right after sex I grasp up and go verbs up and as soon as I get backbone in bed (or bad to whatever it is I am doing) I hold to get up and verbs myself again. When we use condoms the situation is A LOT better, but of course, he never requests to wear one. So that leaves me cleaning myself all darkness while he drifts off to sleep.

This is really affecting our love life span because I never want to have sex anymore because I do not touch like dealing next to it all darkness. Is this normal and what can I do to minimize the situation?

this is specifically normal. if you stay lying down after sex, a great deal of the ejaculate will be absorbed by your vagina, but yes most does overrun out. just try to verbs up as best you can, throw on some underwear, and take a shower contained by the morning (preferably with your man!)
It's usual... "what goes surrounded by, must come out"... it's ejaculate, most likely. If condoms variety it more comfortable for you, talk to your guy give or take a few it. Also you could use a panty liner or pad after sex. It's a moment ago a natural entity. Sorry girl, we all own to deal next to this, and sometimes it can be worse than others. Good luck!
its pretty normal to own semen leak out of you right after sex.try have a towel handy to wipe off beside, and when it first comes out try to 'push' it out of your vagina. then wipe up and throw on some underwear and run to shouldnt leak out that much afterwards, especially if you are lay down. If you continue to soak heavily for hours afterwards then your boy sure does own a LOT of semen haha. Suggest something else like him pulling out and coming on you or something if you cant switch it. Otherwise tell him you dont resembling it and he can wear a condom if you want to continue have sex.
yes its normal

if he wont wear a condom , nearly all you can do is use a maxi wad so you dont have to verbs up so often after

put in the picture him he needs to start wearing one most of the time or you wont want to own sex anymore,

i happen to dream up its rude and selfish of him to not use one for you

you can other put a basin near water beside or lower than your bed so you don't have to budge out of bed. just use a small towel to cross out those discharge.
You're right it is semen. Maybe you could take a shower afterwards, that usually get most of it out for me. Whatever you do , DON'T douche, that is not suitable for you. If it's really affecting your love life, it sounds resembling you need to chill out a bit, it's not that big a do business. Wear a panty liner or a pad if it bothers you.
After sex pinch a shower and get adjectives of the sperm and vaginal fluid out . You really have to verbs it out

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