(Ladies Only) This may appear similar to a adjectives sense ask but.?

When you go to the doctor when you're on birth control for your six month check-up, I know you hold to take a pap smear, check your breast for cancer, and they put together you pee in a cup. My grill is about the urine within the cup, do they use that to determine if you're pregnant, to check for STD's (or does that require a different method), or both?

None of that w/o your consent...they are checking levels to sort sure your body is functioning right...you may ask them about pregnancy and they will check but adjectives that is an extra charge to your insurance and trust me, your insurance isnt going to settle up so they need your ok and w/o it they wont achieve extra $$$ which is what it is all just about.
Probably both but only some STD's are detectable via urine.
My Gyn have never asked me to pee in a cup for my exams, so I own no idea.

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