3 question i NEED a gurl 2 answer! GURLS ONLY PLZ?

i have have discharge for 8 months...i been have pubic hair for similar to a year and i have have breast buds for 1 1/2

2: how do u be perpared?

3: the 1st time u get ur extent does it hurt when the blood comes out?

There is no way to put in the picture when you will start your period. Just because you own all the things you me mentioned does not indicate you will start your period at any demanding time. As for being prepared you of late want to have a some pad or tampons on hand for when you do start. It does not hurt the first time you hold your period.
Sounds close to it will start very soon. You are already going through hormonal change and the next step will be your menstraul cycle (period). Keep some pad around just within case.

You may have a feeling a little crampy and mortified during your period, but it is different next to every woman. Good luck and congratualtions :)
1. No way to know for enduring of exactly when, but you're on your way. It depends on when your mom started and your age immediately. The discharge shows it could be anytime now.

2. The just way is to hold pads beside you in your purse or pocket.

3. Not other. My first at 13 did not hurt. But, it does hurt in after that years once you get going every month.
1. I be 14 when I started my first period. Having discharge, breast buds, and pubic quill is normal for a shifting girl into a women. You might start yours someday soon.

2. I always carried a tampon and wipe with me surrounded by my backpack at school or pockets so if and when I started, I have something to put on.

3. No, it doesn't hurt when the blood comes out, you probably won't know until you go to the bathroom.
1. You can start anytime, No age control 11-19
2. Keep some pads or tamponds within your purse
3. It depends if it will hurt everyone is different.
1. soon
2.have some panity liner, and just hold on to watch
3. i dont deem so, it just feel alittle weird at first, but over the years u catch use to it
There is no set time as to when you will start. All girls have different time frames even when the hold started to have discharge. Second how to be prepared is try carrying a wad that way when ever you do start you will hold one with you.
As for number three does it hurt you will enjoy cramps maybe which also will a entity as to find out how much pain your I know next to myself it was not incredibly painful the first couple of times however it might adjectives be sometimes that you will have it harder consequently others. I hope this helps you please be aware of free to email me if i can help other sagacious
2.read up on it
3. no not at all
1. anywhere from 4th-9th echelon, and with your conditions prolly soon.

2. a short time ago make sure that you own pads somewhere surrounded by your house.

3. no it doesnt hurt
very soon, dont be worried! I disgust it too, just stick a few pad or tampons in ur locker/backpack! Gym lots work great too, just put together sure its a secret place so noone finds them, and u'll single need close to one or two, thats it. It doesn't hurt at all, if anything consequently u'll get cramps:S, but i dont even no its in that:D

Peacegood luck=)
1. anywhere between age 8 and 18

2. have some pad, both good absorbency and pantyliners. buy the slenderest plastic applicator tampons as okay. and pamprin or midol and a heating wad.

3. I had horrible cramps for my first few years.
1. You will probably start your spell within 4 months.
2. Have your pad in the bathroom and an extra twosome of panties to change into when you do start. You never consideration it until you need to shift to the bathroom. Carry pads near you when you go anywhere. It could come to pass anytime.
3. The blood comming out does not hurt. Your uterus may cramp to get rid of the bin liner, that is the blood and clot looking things, that's be building up since your first ovulation. Yes you ovulate before your first length. Relax, get a heat pad, motrin, or try the knee-chest position if your cramps carry bad. I don't reason they will.
Good luck.

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