Am i alright?

i really dont want to eat. i dont deliberate im fat or anything, but food is really ... only the smell is grosses me out. no im not pregnent. only 13. give support to! i dont want to lose weight!

You want to seek a doctor so that you can catch some testing done to find out if here is a serious ailment going on with you. Good Luck
after pick a food thats your favorite, everyone has a favorite food, and attempt to of late eat that
I have the same problem. But it singular happened to me after I get pregnant. I still get nauseated at the verbs of some food. I just get through my favorite foods. I still eat even if I perceive that way. I don't want to drink because I feel sick but I never come to an end up vomitting or anything. So just get through all your favorite foods even if it make you sick.
You know, it's not unusual to lose your appetite but sometimes these symptoms might partner with sicknesses or other pattern of the body. A cold or flu, for example, a parasite, a recent traumatic event or just the cycle of your time.

I know that in my long-gone too I have lost my appetite, not because I be trying to lose weight but due to stressful or traumatic events.

Just try and find a food that you still soak up and if your loss of appetite continues, it's not too lame to see a doctor about it.
It's better to form sure you're in complete vigour both in your body and surrounded by your mind.

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