Orgasm examine.. preferably feminine answers?

is it really possible to have an orgasm that freshly "turns your body into jello?" or one where you TRULY can't control how loud you are? i hold had great orgasms, but none that fit that description. i'll brand name a funny face, my body will quiver and/or i'll huff, but i'm wondering if it's possible to get even better than that where on earth you're just ...i dont know, melt. its an open interrogate, thanks for your time!! :)

Answers:    when i orgasm i turn into the exorcist and frantically loud so i guess acting like a bowl of jello is okay for anyone else. I don`t know if fourplay was longer, stronger, or more committed the orgasm would be more forcefull.
Well when I orgasm, it's like I'm not only a bowl of jello, I'm like a bowl of soup I'm so loose. I usually stir up my whole apartment complex but they adjectives go right hindmost to sleep thinking, "It's just Gina again." It's similar to the shot heard around the world.

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