Advice please?! =/?

ok i feel really embarrased asking this,, but lately me and my boyfriend had sex, afterwards, i notice the condom was leak at the end,, where on earth the opening of it is, im really worried and don't know what to do as i am unsettled for a peroid =/ please help me.

Take a pregnancy oral exam. Also, you worrying about it can explanation you to be late for your term. Take the test so you can catch back to run of the mill.
The only item you can do is go receive a pregnancy test and check if your pregnant.Not much more you can do going on for it now.Good luck.
budge to the local drug store a get a pregenancy exam.
take a pregnancy audition. it's the only channel you'll know for sure.
At this point, all you can do is skulk, dear. How late are you? If you are over a week tardy, purchase a pregnancy test. If you're humiliated to do so, ask your boyfriend to pick one up for you. Once you've gotten the results, then you get a plan of action. If you're pregnant, travel to the doctor. If you aren't, thank God for small favors and be more careful. Good luck!
Late period happen adjectives the time. And you are stressed due to the leaky condom (good for you guys for using them). Stress can cause a spell to go AWOL. I suggest for peace of mind you turn and buy a test. But dawdle until your period is at least possible a full week late. Did this leaky encounter crop up recently? If so, I importantly doubt you are pregnant. The window for ovulation is truly small, so that lessens your probability. I think if you try to relax and stay unflappable about this...your body will achieve back on track.

All the best to you!
Get a pregnancy experiment - there's not much more you can do at this point beside cross your fingers.
For the future, spawn sure you know the correct way to put on a condom - they are incredibly effective at birth control, but with the sole purpose if used correctly.

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