ABS Diet For Women, Successful or Not?

My fiancee has be on the ABS Diet for Men for months now, and it have worked well for him. I own tried to follow along the same regimen, but find it more taliored for men, and I be wondering if the ABS Diet for Women may offer a more structured plan for women. I don't want to turn out and buy the book if it has adjectives the same information we already enjoy in the one for men.

Also, I be considering the Leg Magic machiene that has be on the informercials. Has anyone used this and seen results?

Finally, what spread plans do you tend to follow when trying to reach a dream weight? We munch through the normal chicken, fish, brown rice, cottage cheese and plenty of spinach greens, but that get so boring after a while. Any suggestions?

I have the book for women and enjoy been solely on it for 2 weeks and it seems to follow impossible to tell apart basic diet, the one and only difference it the women's book has some different exercises only just for ladies and outlines things like hormones and dieting and have a section going on for pregnancy. It seems pretty close to one and the same. I wouldn't waste your money on the other book any. I am like you the diet, (which I hold been on a different eating plan since March) it does seize boring and it seems I am taking more "breaks" from it lately purely because I get bored of intake the same stuff and want something else. I own been trying to stick to it through the week and consequently allowing myself some extras on the weekend or for a special occasion. I guess if you just drink healthy, achieve the exercise and don't overeat, eat too much of the "accurate junk food" you will be fine and you will see a difference. If you don't approaching the weights you can do some of the same stuff near resistance bands too. Good Luck
I laugh when I read this, sounds like me! I did Abs diet, it works but I thought not as very well as the book said it would. Body for Life worked for me, but it is strict and you do get one free sunshine a week. I am working on becoming muscular and toned not lose weight so it depends on your desire. 85% of the work to be fit/toned is our diet. If you want somethimg new try BFL, but net sure you are ready for the workouts 6 days a week!

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