**MIRENA IUD*** Please Read!!?


I got my Mirena IUD Removed on May 8th.
My first menstral cycle come on May 11th.

My second cycle was due on June 7th.
And my third on July 4th.

The 2nd and 3rd cycles enjoy not come!

I have an ob-gyn appt on Tuesday.
She told me that my time should go spinal column to normal without hesitation.

I have taken urine pregnancy test at home (2 of them) and they come out negative. However, I own been pregnant twice since (#1 miscarriage & #2 my daughter) and never have I shown on a urine testing.

I have symptoms such as, sore breast (not to much anymore though), heart burn, dizzy & woozy feeling, naseous (not vomitting though), tired, and my appetite ranges from adjectives to not hungry at all.

Has this happen to you?
Any delay contained by your period after removal of the IUD?


If you truely are concerned almost being pregnant, and you hold never been positive thru a urine theory test, I would recommend going to your doctor and having a blood audition.

However, removing your mirena is removing a device which gave hormones directly thru your cervix, so you may get hold of hormones with the shifting of your cycles, which may explain the sore breasts. All woman react differently to the removal, and a short time ago because the doctor said it should be normal now, doesnt mean adjectives woman are. Were you normal/regular to begin next to?

With all of that aside, if you truely suppose you are pregnant, or are worried about your cycle not returning to ordinary immediately, consequently go see your doctor!

Good luck! ;-)
Now that you're using Mirena intrauterine contraceptive’s (IUC) hassle-free protection, you can meditate about the moment, not your birth control method. And you can own peace of mind knowing that you're using a hassle-free birth control method that prevents pregnancy for up to 5 years (or less, if you choose).1

99.9% Effective
Since Mirena works entirely on its own, presently that it’s in place there’s zilch you have to do2. Unlike other methods, it doesn’t rely on your using it regularly and properly to be important.

Mirena 99.9% | The Pill 92% | Patch/Ring 92% | Condoms 85%
Method effectiveness beside typical use3

Extra Benefits You're Receiving From Mirena

Provides lower and steadier hormones than the Pill
Won’t cause significant counterbalance gain4
Easy for your healthcare professional to replace at the end of 5 years (or smaller number, if you choose)
May also shorten, lighten or even do away with your periods—after one year of use, there may be up to a 90% slackening in menstrual bleeding, and 20% of Mirena users have no bleeding or spotting at all

Safe, Easy Removal With a Quick Return to Fertility1

You desire when you want to try to become pregnant
Unlike surgery, Mirena lets you maintain your birth control options get underway (25% of women who have tubal ligation regret the result later)

Rest Easy With Proven Safety

Used successfully by more than 8 million women worldwide over the past 16 years
9 out of 10 women who use Mirena would recommend it to their friends

Side Effects Almost Always Decrease Over Time
Side effects beside Mirena are most common during the first three months after insertion and dwindling over time.

Percentage of Women Reporting Side Effects During the First Three Months and Fifth Year of Use
Lower abdominal pain (cramping) 10.5% 2.0%
Acne or other skin problems 3.5% 1.8%
Back torment 3.1% 1.0%
Breast tenderness 3.1% 1.0%
Headache 2.8% 1.6%
Mood change 2.5% Less than 1.0%

Hope this helps you out and biddable luck.

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