2 1/2 wks unsettled but refusal?

I'm over two weeks late for my period-I've taken 3 home pregnancy test. All of them were cynical, but I still haven't gotten my period.

Since the age of 10, I've never missed a interval. Sometimes I'd be a day deferred, but not like this.

Tomorrow I'm making the doctor's appointment, but I in recent times wanted some other opinion on what could be going on?

go to your doctor and obtain a blood test, you could be prego
I do not cogitate you are pregnant
u sure you are not stressed? then why construct the doc appointment? if the test is maxim no... then its a dutiful sign. your body is always shifting, especialy when you start having sex. its commonplace for your cycle to change. try using a condom or some type of birthcontrol surrounded by the future.
These things ensue! If you don't feel any different and you own been drinking well and are not overworked or enjoy been burning the candle both ends, you are simply delayed!
Did you experiment all the spell symptoms even though you didn't have them, bloating, irritability, sore breasts, cramping etc. It is not odd to skip one period within ones life. You're not mentioning your age.it could be the first sign of pre-menopause also.
ask for a blood check to put your mind at rest
i geuss that it could happen that u could be unpaid once ina blue moon- and this could be that " once ina blue moon" lol - or maybe its simply too early to speak about

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