(you know the word) women's chest areas..?

embarrasing question!! i thought i'd ask though.

why do men find them so attractive (especially if they r bigger)? why do girls want bigger ones? what's so great give or take a few bigger ones. I just don't bring back it!

you sound resembling you have profusely to learn and i don't scrounging that in a discouraging way you of late sound immensely young not adjectives men prefer bigger breast some do some don't. and it's the same next to girls not all girls want big breasts some do some don't. some empire find that big breast have more sex appeal but not everybody and near are alot of down falls to having big breasts. be chirpy with what you enjoy. it's the best advice i can extend you having a hygienic body image is celebrated it doesn't matter what anybody else think
I love my 36B's which I think are surefire...I hate big breasts
Mostly because we don't own them and society has sexualized them.
The same function girls like a bigger carton in men
are you approaching afraid of the word boob or breast? hahah
anyways um i dont know, im not a man but maybe because they are approaching big, and there and men can approaching do things with them.ew

There is zilch wrong with your BREASSSSTS, and nought wrong with you proverb BREASSSSST, so get used to it. Boys will be boys, don't verbs why they like em bigger or smaller, who care. But don't try to change your body because a boy you approaching wants it, that's a no no. NO NO!
Mm I dunno I guess its close to an instinct, women with larger breasts and a curvy body make men think they are more "furtile" for making babies and furthering the human see. It's kind of close to animals... but animals don't get married and their babies don't go them matured at 1 year old.
It is subjective, I ruminate. I know plenty of guys who don't like overly substantial breasts and lots who like them big.
I'm next to you, i don't get it any! As far as i'm concerned they're mounds of flesh & who cares what size they are. Personally i'd find huge ones too damn discomfited & lets obverse it when women breastfeed size is of no importance!
I am 44. Female and enjoy averave breasts. I have never buried this much either, except for the reality that they are a sign of sexual maturity, so within a natural sense it is a sign of one available. Some men get freaked out after their wives hold kids and breast feed because they do not see them as a sexual piece anymore, but a nurturing beautiful element of their wife that nurtures their children and therfore their family. So, who know. I might be right or wrong, but I think that it is an green thing to stare at breasts. FOr some FYI I skilled my daugter at a young age that women hold breasts, men have chests, we adjectives have nipples and they are something everyone have, but kind of a private point, so not something to comment about. I also told her that populace say funkky words, close to boobs, ****, honkers, hooters, knockers, etc. Those are funny words but for most people they are not massively nice to say or to jape about. She is amazingly respectful of men's chests. LOL! (That last module was humor, within case you did not appreciate me!)
my husband cant give me an answer. he first said bc u can "f" them, after said he is just kid, then he said its mostly the nipples n the roundness of them, on the other hand he cant really come up with a clear answer. so i guess our quest continues. but he did state that the really big ones wasnt sexy at all bc they freshly look sick n u cant do anything with them
its the medium putting too mucch emphasis on something so trivial and lots, lots and lots of race getting influence by such subjects, i like them anything they are.as long as they look pretty good on the individual and get themselves well poise and confidently.
Well mine are somewhere contained by between Small and Big. (38 C) My Boyfriend actually Prefers Smaller. He say because they are more "Pert" (aka Firm). But Most Men Like a Handful to Grab On To. At least that what I remember My Ex Saying. LOL.
Not adjectives men like bigger boobs. everyone like something different.. A good principle why men do like boobs tho is because of the medium makes a big promise out of boobs. But for girls bigger isnt always better I considered necessary bigger boobs because I wanted guys to resembling me more but if you think they can motivation back pains and the bring in the road so I appreciate mine more and I figure if a guy doesnt similar to me just because of my boobs after hes not worth it

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