A lot of times after I own sex I bleed, does anyone know why? and is this mundane?

It is common but not "normal" surrounded by the strict sense. There are several possible causes; cervical polyp, vaginal dryness, and others. I suggest making an appointment beside your gynechologist and speaking with her more or less your concerns.
i'm not to sure, srry.
go to the doctor
could be several things
including hes to big for you
or you havent had sex alot
if you only just started its normal a bit
if this have been going on for a while
or youve be sexually active for a while
walk to a doctor
This is not normal. See a Dr please asap.
I would be in motion to the doctor and check that out, your hymen may be healing itself over and over again. Either that or you hold some kind of infection you dont know roughly speaking. Really though, go to the doctor and check it out.
his penis might be to big if it is over 8inches it might hurt and produce bleeding which can also damages in your vagina i would recommend you see your doctor.
Seems similar to something is wrong here. Seems like you are man irritated or rubbed the wrong way, wich would result in the bleeding. Are you sure that you have used sufficient lubrication. Don't rush it, permit nature be concerned to you,. Otherwise try using some of that jelly from Kentucky.
no it's not normal sort an appointment with gyno, and be sure to hang on to it!
Depends on the amount of blood you bleed after sex, if you "spot" that's usually normal but, I would consult your OBGYN a short time ago to be safe kk?

All the Best, Shad @)~>~
This is not average. See a gynecologist.

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