*Ladies single please*?

What is the normal age to start your spell? I'm 14 5', and 100lbs, am I supposed to start now or mabey surrounded by a year or so? Does weight or height above sea level affect the starting time?

If your way underweight you won't bring back your period at adjectives. If your an athlete you'll notice that you will take it later. Otherwise it depends on genes and your diet. Preservatives that the put on greatly of the food these days lead to getting it earlier. I wouldn't verbs too much. It will start when your body is ready. I didn't carry my first period till I be almost 15 and that is due to my inheritance, none of the women in my ethnic group got it untimely, and that I eat mostly food from the garden. If your worried stir in to see an ob/gyn and they will variety sure nothing is wrong.
I get mine when i was 15
no freight or height doesnt enjoy nething to do with ur interval. dont worry ur time will come when u own to put up with that monthy pop in. trsut me, ur lucky u dont have ur duster. it SUCKS! when i was 12 i used to option i had mines. contained by sept when i was 13 i get it and i started crying. im 17 and i wish GOD never invented my monthly guest!
u should start soon, and weight may affect it, but God is contained by control, if u dont start but 16, see a doctor,and carry around extra pad in shield of an emergency!!

There really isn't a "normal" age. I've heard of girls starting at 11 years antiquated and others 13 or more. Rare cases could start as early as 9 and others might not until 18 or elder. If you're in the majority, you should be starting soon but it can swing so much it wouldn't be possible to give a concrete answer.
I just get mine a few months ago. I am 12. I am sick of it already!!
There was a study done contained by Great Britten that found that it wasn't age that determined when you get your length, it is weight. The study found that period start happening at 110 lbs. From what I've see in the school I've worked in, and the girls surrounded by my family, I agree. My inference is that you should start carrying supplies when you get to be somewhere between 105 lbs. and 108 lbs. purely so you are prepared and used to having them beside you. Weight is the reason so tons girls are getting it at an earlier age. One of my cousins get her's at 10 or 11, I didn't get mine until I be 15. I have other been deeply thin and insubstantially built, and she is more muscular and has a heavier bone structure.
Everyone is different...don't sweat it. Enjoy a time of year free life as long as possible.
It happen when it happens thier no age to it, But you are within the normal field.And no wieght or height don't effect it adjectives. But a lot of times it starts when your younger as of ages 10 , 11 , 12 or even 13. Hope this help you a lot. Good Luck !!
some start in attendance period from age 10 to 16 do not worried roughly when your period will start imagine it this way your good a lot of by not buying any pad
im 14 and 5'1 and 87 pounds and i dont have my term either, and the 100 pounds piece is not true, my best friend was merely 90 pounds when she got hers later year

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