Is it mundane to hold sex during your interval?

My guy and I have sex during my spell all the time. He even perform oral. It is perfectly average to have sex during your term. If you are both in the mood and don't mind, shift for it. Lay a towel down and have a dank washcloth handy for easy verbs up.
No! eww! not normal!..Do you suppose it is..? Gross!
Of course! If you want to. Just put a towel down and have sex resting on that. Also, you still have to use contraception! It's messy, but if you're into it, dance right ahead.
It's normal, of late messier. Cramps may be more severe and bleeding may be heavier afterwards though.
Put down a towel and go for it. It's a bit messy but it's not gross. I've heard it help relieve cramps but I can't say that for sure. If it's ok next to you and it's ok with your partner I don't see it person a problem. I have lots friends who were proud to earn their red wing. ;)
Nothing wrong with it! Just put down a towel. It can assist cramps. Just make sure to allow time to appropriate a shower after.
If both of the partners want to - sure. Nothing impressive there.

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