A duet of testicles make men indestructable. True or False?

It gives them muscles, strength, and make them look superior to females.

If they make a guy so indestructible, afterwards why does he go to such length to protect his groin when a woman is trying to knee him? Or, why when he is playing sports does he consistency the need to wear a jock strap?
Actually, the testicles form them vulnerable, and the testosterone make them stupid and wreckless.
yes, because i have testicles vivacity is so grand and lovely for me
depends and which description of guy lol
No, they don't make men "indestructable". Why? because you can still be shot to demise.
Indestructable means you can't be kill, harmed, hurt, etc.
ALL of these things can happen, your HUMAN.
Besides, testicles don't gross a man anything other than one different from a woman.
Women have muscles, strength and everything men own except the male reproductive organs. It's even be said that women are stronger than men because we give birth and that's headache! You try popping something the size of a watermelon out of an opening that will just go to the size of a lemon!
Anyways, I reflect on your being a moment or two sexist and you need to meditate about what your proverb and how your acting. Women and Men are equal, get out of the 1930's and response to the 20th century! :o)
Not at all. Like someone else said, no human is indestructable. The testosterone cause men to be generally stronger and muscular than women but does not engender them "superior". Nature made it for men and women to be different within their own purposeful ways. One sex would not survive without the other contained by this world, and so one is not superior over the other.

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