"Embarassing" (Ladies Only)?

I am going 2 my aunts lake house on Sunday and I am coming backkk on Wednesday. Well i get my period this month on the 3rd and I will be at the mere house when I get it again. Well they adjectives wakeboard and stuff and swim. And all the guys will be asking me to swim what do I put in the picture them? And some guys might pick me upp and throw me in! What do I do? And I dont want 2 use a tampon

Then you don't wanna swim.

Don't verbs, you'll still be a virgin with a tampon, and not a soul will notice it.
when u walk in hose ur period usually stops a bit.
theres nought you really can do if you don't want to use a tampon. you could go next to out any thing but to be precise gross and after a while people will make out..
you don't know thy will ask you! all the guys wont be asking you!!
Don't bring your swimsuit.
the hose down will stop your period.
inform your aunt, maybe she can come up near something else for you to do.
use tampon,don't go,or relay them your on the rag
If you shift in the river with a wad it will be very crushing!
I wouldn't bother trying to explain that you have your term to your guy cousins... it would gross them out and they wouldn't understand!

Instead, a moment ago wear your bathing suit, but with a wad on your swim bottoms. Get a cute pair of shorts to cover up. This passageway, if there's any leakage, it's temporarily secret. Be sure you go to the restroom frequently and renovation it whenever it gets showery (i.e. if you get thrown surrounded by to the lake).
well why not use a tampon they r not desperate and if u tell the guys they will get, i tell my guy friends and they don't prudence about it
resourcefully then speak about them ur on ur rag. tampons arent that discouraging baby. i be scared my first time using them and in a minute ill never walk back to pad. stop being stubborn and a moment ago try using one. then u wont be losing out on adjectives the fun u can be having. only make sure to conveyance it every 4-6 hours depending on how heavy ur flow is! well-mannered luck
If you take birth control pills you can control your interval. If you take the pills don't pilfer the "empty(different color)" pills at the end of the pack instead immediatly start a modern pack. You won't get your extent. My doctor told me to do this when I was getting married because I didn't want to hold my period for my honeymoon. You can gain into a family planning clinic and obtain the pills if you want, don't worry they can't put in the picture your parents...
Just use a tampon they dont hurt at all, they are by far more comfortable that pad, once you use them you'll never want to use anything else! Trust me go ahead and try it you wont regret it!!
pretend to dribble and hurt ur leg and say u cant swim. and if u dont bring ur bathing suit if u enjoy a girl cousin or something they might offer 2 agree to u use their's and u no what would happen if that happen and u put it on.. or u could say that u only just used a hair remover cream on ur legs and on that it say u cant go in2 clorine sea or u no like water water and that exuse might buy u year. and then do the leg point.
get Instead, they are resembling a diahram and u can leave it surrounded by a long time..
tell them that if they pick you up they will regret it. Or give an account your aunt and she will make sure they wont do anything to you.

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