...ive bin beside my boyfriend for over a year hes not pressured me once?

im 13 hes 16 only article he does to me on his own is hug me for like 3 hours he refuse to treat me like a sexual intent and gets extremely protective of me if he see anyone tryen to take lead of me.now when ever im near him i get amazingly turned on...yesterday...he was sleeping and i jerk him off within his sleep and i feel really unpromising....why cant i control my self around my boyfriend please help me control my inner health for him i love him so much and i kno he loves me he doesnt give any other girl the pale of day because hes near me help

At 16 it is commendable how sensible and controlled your bf is. Preserve him approaching a jewel, he will be completely good for you. Don be callous again when he is sleeping, it may start things beyond , maybe his control.
oh, infantile love sweet love!
well, adjectives you need to do is keep on for the right time!
your too young for this!
no ofense but 13 hoey he know your to young 13 stockpile your virginity plz
hey sweetie
its nt ur fault...its jst the age
bt a must say-so ur guy is preety gd n self disciplind
hats of to him
he care for u
u ppl r vry small for these thngs
nt gd for ur age
its time to study
dnt get involvd within these thngs
first of all seize stable in ur natural life
u need to form ur career
ur guy is absolutly rite
he dnt want u to be aware of guilty latr on
u ppl at this age dnt evn knw mch abt sex
jst get excited near this word
nt gd for u
hv control on urslf
im sure u dnt hv enough knwledge abt protectn
jst chuck it n concentrate on ur studies
U hv a well brought-up bf, he is serious with u. I'm anti pre-marital sex, that's y i reflect on that he can control himself so well is something u must be unbelievably proud of, hopefully u can control urself too. Think of God, u'll find peace. Good Luck...
At 13 you are under the age of consent and are still considered a child. Your boyfriend is knowledgeable to wait until you are elder. If he had sex next to you now, he could dance to jail.
oh same problem

im manly 15 and my my girl friend 13 too

and she wants to .

but as u r bf said its not moral at this stage

and i stopped her and she understood

and very soon when ever we meet she hugs me and me too adequate

good luck to adjectives of us
Sounds like your boyfriend is mortal very responsible as he would be arrested if he did hold sex with you up to that time you were 16. Maybe you requirement to accept some of that responsibility, if you can't after you're clearly not mature ample to be in a relationship (which I really don't have an idea that you can be at 13 anyway). You're still a child, you should be enjoying your childhood.
He's a smart guy.

You should be proud.
listen ur 13 and ur stilll reallyyyy young- like mad of girls that i know that started haveing sex at around 13 or 14 ended up getting pregnant beforehand they were 20- at your age near is still so much that u do not know about sex- approaching STDs, types of birth control pills and so on- just please hang around til u are a little elder to start enjoying sex- right in a minute just savour the time u are sharing with ur bf- and soak up your time being a kid... yes a 13 u are still a child!! near is still so much that u do not know about duration! u may think u do... but u dont- trust me on this im 18 and simply got of illustrious school ultimate year- and finally, please just try to control ur hormones!
if this is really a authentic person , you are especially lucky to have a boy friend similar to that , ok plain and simple your to young purloin ur time
Well, for one thing, he may be afraid of mortal charged with statutory rape-consentual or not.

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