Abnormal time cycles!? Help!?

The last couple of months I've have the worst periods... past each one I gain at most minuscule 5 pounds, my stomach bulges out twice the size of how it normall is (which is flat), and I break down crying because of everything, hating myself, because of my doll, and none of my clothes appear to fit me. This is so frustrating, and the past two months I've be getting it TWICE! I've tried everything, and tomarrow I'm goign out with friends and have a feeling too insecure. I don't think this is usual. : (

Have you recently gone on or rotten birth control. I would check with your strength care provider.

I go off bc 3 months ago after person on it for 3 years and have not gotten rear to "normal" yet.

Sometimes if you own "extreme periods" birth control can help return with you regular. I am very phenomenal without it, but next to it I am like clock work. Almost down to the hour, every 28 days.

Good Luck!
it could also be pcos. poly cystic ovarian syndrome. symptoms can be atypical cycles also facial hair. you would entail to talk w/ your obgyn.
Well, I'd speak it is pretty normal.
When you take your period, you achieve really bloated.
The breaking down and crying is part of the mood swings whilke on your spell.
The bloating cause your clothes to not fit sometimes, too.
Have you tried Mydol?
Idk why you gain cargo though.
It's different for every girl.
Your weight gain can be of stress and paucity of physical exercise. The reason why your stomach expands is because of wet retention which is also called bloating. To return with rid of your bloating you have to drink plenty of river and to get your time cycle normal you must exercise and not stress so much.

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