Air embolism during sex?


I had sex next to my bf last darkness, I was on top but he be moving (and pretty fast too) entry is I felt a agony near my uterus but didn't deem anything of it. I think some nouns may have get trapped inside me and I've heard that can be uncertain. can someone please tell me if I nead to move about and see a doctor or if I can do anything to help.

Thanks surrounded by advance



Well I muse that you're probably fine (I have gotten discomfort there during sex as well).. but you should def travel to the doc to make sure; find out exactly what it is, if they can even put in the picture you.. ya know? You'll feel better afterwards. Can you of late go to the local clinic or Planned Parenthood?... they're cheap...
I dont infer embolism is the right word, more like queefing.
Its nil to worry roughly speaking and happens to most women, especially if they own given birth.
Erm, I'm not an expert in this area but air embolism occur when air bubbles can trapped contained by your blood stream much like a clot. To my wisdom, air seldom get past the cervix but i could be wrong.The anguish may be caused by physical exertion of ur muscles during coitus. Try 'varting'.
You usually bring back air embolisms from IV lines beside too many bubbles. Sex shouldn't hurt, though, so kind an appointment with your gynecologist.

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