~Once more, a query more or less feminine things~?

Im curious about something...as a rule, my discharge is always a milky white...but lately since i ovulated closing month its been clear and sticky...and i surface like im bleeding because of how it feel..my period is supposed to start drastically soon..so any ideas? my guy did stay the darkness on the night i ovulated and things happen, and we used the withdrawel method..ive been sentiment cramps this past week and it feel extra sensitive 'down there' wheni urinate..i dont really feel pregnant, because i perceive the same, except for the sensitivity and the different discharge...an cramps, but you never know. wheni lay on my stomach it feel like my mitt is right under my bellybutton, but nothins at hand except mattress...whats your opinions??

ok what most relations dont know is that the pre-ejaculation..that wich comes before the ejacultion have more sperm in it consequently the ejaculation does...and most guys dont know they have even pre-ejaculated and they believe when they pull out vigorous before they ejaculate that zilch went inside you..resourcefully if i were you i would take a pregnancy test..and i would also run to the doctor and see if you have a UTI infection..urinary track infection..object being that your saposed to walk to the bathroom after you have sex every time to give a hand wash out any germs..if you dont you get UTI and they enjoy a medication for it that clears it up like contained by a week or so...
Maybe you should go to the doctor to see if you own an STD. The withdrawal method does not prevent STDs. Good Luck.
obtain checked for stds and pregnancy withdrawel method doesn't always work , pre ejac. can attain you pregnant
Look up Billings Method of birth control on the internet. The clear, sticky is prime ovulation time for getting preg. And withdraw is NOT a form of birth control. Lots of girls return with preg this way.

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