34E Too huge or lately right?

I ain't the one dealing with it but only wondering to the girls out there is it something you aim for or freakishly big?

thats gross. im already annoyed adequate when i saw one of my neighbors who as an a show up one week later near some huge dd knockers...who are these chicks kidding?? they of late look stupid when its obvious
umm freakishy big.. yuck
Its great if you own a right person to knob them!
Are u sick? all men are sick! They purely like buxoms beside curvy figure??? more far-reaching is the inner beauty! U guys are jerk!
I'm not really sure how you "aim" for a bra size. You kind of purely get what you carry, unless you're talking almost surgery, in which baggage you'd probably want a doctor who can actually hand over you what you paid for, not merely "aim" for something.

Anyhow, not "freakishly" big, but definitely big ample to cause adjectives kinds of condition and social problems.
well, it's not something for a girl to aim at. With that giving of wait on a small amount, it could do some serious damage. Probably not a in good health size.
There is nothing wrong near that if it fits the person right, I am a 48DD essentially and it looks good on me, zilch freaky about it.
Looks approaching a cartoon persona. Not cute. I'm a C and I feel too big sometimes. I guess it's a business of opinion.
...I didnt know at hand was a size E lol
im a 36 e but im breast feed, i have a small frame so ya they look rather big but its not freakish
Toooo large. murder on a rear and a horror when buying tops. :+))
They are pretty large.

If she have severe back twinge she should look into a breast reduction. She could gain it covered by insurance.

Have her check out the site below:
omg yes that is not that safe u can own back discomfort and mess up ur back because they are to starchy and i thought my boobs were big am 38c and am 16 i did not know nearby was a E

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