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Ok, say you acquire your peroid starting on the 1st of the month. Well its the 7th and you haven't gotten it yet. What should I do?

Nothing. You're basically late!!
It happen to me all the time. My doctor's assured me everything be okay.

For example, last month I get it on the 8th, and this month I got it on the 1st.
you should give somebody a lift a pregnancy test. and if you're not sexually stirring don't worry around it, it'll come around
if u r young, dont feel that it is gunna be regular. also, kno that every month doesnt have 30 days so its not other gunna be the 1st.

go here
www.mymonthlycycles.com it can better predict ur cycles using days not date.
ummm dont panic powerfully each women own a different cycle and yours will probably come a little bit subsequently...not every womens period comes at the first of the month..bt if its the pause of the month and you still dont get your term yet consequently go to a doctor
if you havent have sex dont worry around it stress can cause it to mess up, or not come on schedual but if youve have sex take a tryout
My period skips around deeply. I never know when it'll show up, which is a pain. The point is, it's typical for me. It might be nothing, but I don`t know you should take a pregnancy try-out if that might be the case.
if you have sex you could be pregnent, but if your young your period aren't always in good time. stress and things like that can engineer your period past due to. i wouldn't be to worried its only a couple days deferred and sometimes you can actaully skip a month. if you really worried though just progress to your doctor and get things checked. moral luck =)
It's natural for your length not to be regular. I wouldn't be worried unless you had an drinking disorder or sexually active.
if you are a virgin after dont worry more or less it ... it will come ... if you are not a virgin then hold a pregnancy test
Don't nouns Libb! A number of things can contribute to your cycle being sour track.

1. If you know you've been sexually alive, then you might want to lug a pregnancy test surrounded by a few days just to take home sure.

Me personally, my cycle is thrown bad ALL the time. Sometimes it's because I'm stressed out, on a medication that does, I have a different sleep shape, change contained by my diet, etc.. There are a trillion reasons why it happen.

Good Luck!
I have be a week late. of late wait.. or bring a pregnancy test if you'be be active.
If you are highly young it is middle-of-the-road.Sometimes I also have that problem.Normally the date you attain you period depends on sundry reasons such as, your depression stratum, the types of food you eat, your body cargo.
so if you haven't had a sexual intercourse all the same, don't worry.If you own had.ably you should immediately clutch a pregnancy test.

By the road I have hear that if you eat seasame normally you get to enjoy regular period
Don't verbs your fine, its because you are getting used to your period, thats happen to me before, of late like you and it solely means your body is getting used to the cycle.
Thats waht up to me right now the woman on my thing say u might be active and i am so don't verbs.
Pwriods can be erratic at the best of times. I started my periods when I be 9 and im 29 now and they are all in all regular but sometimes I can still be a week early or a week unsettled. Stress, eating conduct, weight gain and loss, upset, and hormones can adjectives play a part.

However, if you own had unprotected sex mid cycle (13-16 days after your second period) then as you would expect you could well be pregnant. Go to your local chemist and buy a home pregnancy conducting tests kit to formulate sure if this is the case. If you enjoy not had sex, consequently I would wait for your time of year to show, and see if the same item happens subsequent month.

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